Electronics design from controllers, driver and simple lighting applications are all done in-house to help with timelines and quick prototyping.

We are your complete turnkey electronics manufacturer.

  • Electronic product design
  • Quick turn prototyping
  • Our design process typically
    results in working prototypes
    on 1st revision
  • North American & off shore manufacturing
  • Off shore component sourcing
  • RoHS compliant manufacturing
  • Our services include:
  • Conceptual design
  • Documentation
  • Prototyping
  • Assistance with regulatory testing and approval


RossTechElectronics design from controllers, drivers and from electronics design to mechanical, all facets of these steps are done in-house utilizing Solid Works Cad, NI UltiBoard V.10 and a wealth of experience from our staff to help you get to your goal.

We offer in house electronics design, Cad design and Software development to help you take any turnkey product development and production project from concept to manufacturing in a timely manner.


Along with the electronic design, Rosstech has the ability to design and program various microprocessors, for simple lighting controls and patterns to other applications for simple control, test and measurement.


  • Purchasing components, including all electronic parts, PCBs, cables, and enclosures
  • We purchase locally for quick delivery and or offshore sourcing for reduced pricing
  • Assistance with regulatory testing and approval
  • Creating kits of parts
  • Assembling the electronic parts onto the bare boards
  • We support RoHS (lead free) and NonRoHS (tin lead) assembly
  • Conformal coating boards
  • Testing assembled boards
  • Assembling the boards into enclosures or cases
  • Providing a warranty for manufactured units
  • Providing long-term support and repair service
  • Writing test procedures
  • Writing assembly procedures
  • Building test jigs
    Evaluating failures and carrying out on-going product improvement
  • For high volume products we have an offshore affiliate in which we can provide offshore pricing with North American management
  • Prototyping